Two employees holding with certificate in high-visibility attire

Clocking up 10 years of service is certainly an achievement worth celebrating - but when two brothers do it side-by-side it's all the more remarkable! 

Kurtis and Louis Carlyle, who work in the Queensland water team, clocked up their 10 years of service in July. The brothers both joined Ventia as part of Thiess when that business won the Queensland Urban Utilities Maintenance contract, coming across from Programmed Services. 

Since that time, they've both built a great reputation across the Ventia team and with our client. 

When asked to pinpoint the biggest area of change in their 10 years in the business, the two brothers both point to an increased focus on safety as well as predictive maintenance.

"The safety culture has changed for the better from when I first started," said Kurtis.

"There is also a greater focus on planned and scheduled maintenance which helps to reduce overall costs and improve customer satisfaction." 

Two people pictured with 10 year service award in high-visibility attire

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, both Kurtis and Louis are optimistic about the potential for innovation to further improve the customer service across the industry. 

"Water service providers are looking for better visibility of their networks - things like pressure, flow and damage," Louis said.

"There are new technologies with IoT, smart marker tapes and GIS tools that are being adopted at the moment."

Kurtis predicts a similar trend.

"IoT asset monitoring and smart metering will be the emerging technologies. Potentially pipeline renewal technology as well," he said.  

And as far as working together goes, like any brothers they have their moments but are glad to have been able to share the experiences, good and bad, with each other.

"Coming from humble beginnings, growing up in a small town and working from a young age in our family business. We can both share in each other's achievements along the way and I can honestly say I am very proud of our achievements and the men we both have become," Louis said.

We often help one another out when needed with little complaints or expectations, regardless of what we've already got going on or whether it's in our job title. Knowing someone's got your back and willing to lend a hand when you need it takes a bit of stress out of the job. 

"I think we've got this Team Carlyle thing down pat. So, here's to another 10 years!"