We're pleased to announce that Ventia has officially joined with other ASX300 companies and investors in pledging our support for industry super fund HESTA's 40:40 Vision to increase the proportion of women in senior leadership across Australia's largest listed companies to at least 40% by 2030. 

Ventia has committed to achieve 40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender in leadership roles across the business. 

According to Chief Executive Women's latest census on ASX300 senior executives, the number of women in leadership has flatlined.  

However, research shows that organisations that set quantitative composition targets for executive leadership are more likely to achieve balanced representation of men and women at this level. 


According to research by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, an increase in the share of female 'top-tier' managers by 10 percentage points or more led to a 6.6% increase in the market value of Australian ASX-listed companies, worth the equivalent of A$104.7 million. 

Jodie Blake, Group Executive People, Safety and Culture says that the HESTA 40:40 commitment aligns to Ventia's broader emphasis on employing more females at all levels of the business, and driving a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture for all employees.   

As we work toward achieving the HESTA 40:40 Vision at Ventia, our emphasis on employing more females at all levels remains a key focus. We have set a commitment to increasing female participation with targets of 40% participation for Women in Senior Management (WISM) and across our entire business. 


Pictured: General Manager - Brand, Marketing and Communications Sarah McCarthy and Project Manager Tina Lien. 

"We continue to drive and evolve our female participation strategy, which sets out initiatives to attract more, develop more and retain more females across all levels of our organisation.

'Initiatives within this strategy include deliberate recruitment practices, the development and promotion of female talent through ongoing career conversations and talent management and creating a safe, fit, and inclusive workplace where females feel engaged and connected. 

"We look forward to working collaboratively with the 40:40 Vision Steering Committee. In this way we can play our part in highlighting the work of Australian companies leading the way in gender diversity at the executive level and encouraging more companies to follow this lead."