Ventia and Beca have signed a Teaming Agreement which formalises their commitment to collaborate to create "Best for Defence" solutions.

Recently partnering for the Regional Maintenance Provider North bid, they have combined their capabilities to offer an efficient, integrated solution to deliver the Royal Australian Navy's requirement for a sovereign, class agnostic maintenance capability using local suppliers, to sustain naval platforms in Northern Australia.

Ventia brings to the table 30 years supporting Defence maritime projects and offers all the capabilities of the largest infrastructure services company in Australia and New Zealand, to keep Navy's fleet operational and in peak condition. 

We are one of the largest private employers in the Northern Territory and we have a strong local team with proven capability and experience in Navy maintenance.

'Our local sub-contractor relationships and support from local business groups like Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network and Chamber of Commerce gives us the experience and resources to grow the local skilled workforce and manage local supply chains to expand the sovereign Defence industry in the region" says David Robinson, Ventia's Head of Maritime. 

"We know that unity is strength, and our previous success at bringing the Coonawarra ship lift back to full operation together was a demonstration of what Ventia and Beca can achieve together", says David.

Beca Group has over 50 years' experience working with the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces and is one of Asia Pacific's largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies. Working alongside Ventia they will provide leadership and management for the following functions: 

  • Maritime Engineering and Asset Management
  • Quality Control and Certification
  • Seaworthiness Assurance 
  • Navy systems and process expertise.

Mick Jensen, Beca's Business Director - Maritime says:

Beca is pleased to team with Ventia to bring the best of what both companies have to offer, to provide the Commonwealth of Australia with the best possible solution for RMP-North.

Gavin Campbell, Ventia's Executive General Manager for Defence says, "Ventia has a strong commitment to increasing sovereign Defence capability, so it makes sense that we partner with other Australian businesses like Beca, to improve sustainability and resilience of maritime supply chains delivering certainty of a fit-for-purpose fleet".

Pictured above: Ventia's Gavin Campbell, Executive General Manager Defence and Beca's Mick Richardson, General Manager - Defence & National Security, sign the teaming agreement.