Boys to the Bush charity organisation members giving an introduction to a group of disadvantaged young boys

Our Telecommunications work often takes us to rural and remote locations, usually this is to service an exchange, lay some fibre or stand a tower.

The recent school holidays saw members from Ventia's Telecommunications team pack their camping gear and head to Albury in south-western New South Wales for a different reason, to help change the lives of vulnerable boys and young men.

Partnering with community-based charity, Boys to the Bush, the intrepid team set out on what is hoped will be the first of many week-long Trades Camps to share their knowledge and help improve outcomes for boys from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Boys undergoing skills training at a desk with a supervisor

The Boys to the Bush charity was established to provide boys from disadvantaged backgrounds opportunities to succeed, and a sense of belonging.


Engaging with disadvantaged youth

Boys to the Bush is a not-for-profit charity that focuses on engaging with some of regional Australia's most vulnerable youth - running camping trips during school holidays and providing mentoring support to boys from 9-24 years of age living in Central West and Riverina NSW, and North East Victoria. 

The charity was established by three former schoolteachers to provide boys and young men from disadvantaged backgrounds with an environment free from the distractions in their lives, allowing them the opportunity to be surrounded by positive influences, giving them opportunities to succeed, and a sense of belonging.

The boys that make up the cohort live with considerable challenges: 85% live in out of home care (OOHC) arrangements, 50% have a diagnosed disability or impairment, and most lack access to adult role models guiding them towards successful futures.

Trades Camp

The idea for a specific Trades Camp arose earlier this year when Boys to the Bush and Ventia began a partnership to equip youth with work ready skills training and expose them to immersive work experience with Ventia personnel. 

Fast forward to early October, and the first Albury Trades Camp was underway, with boys going through White Card Industry Induction training, CPR training, and even learning how to operate an excavator. 

Boys to the Bush out with the exscavator

At Albury Trades Camp, the boys got industry induction training and learned how to operate an excavator.


Another highlight of the week was taking the boys out for dinner with local Ventia supervisors, which gave the group an opportunity to speak to people with significant industry experience and make some valuable contacts.

A partnership like this is an absolute privilege for Ventia to be involved in and support. Not only does Boys from the Bush provide immeasurable help for the youth involved, but also far-reaching positive impacts for their local communities. 

Through this partnership, we aim to assist Boys to the Bush create important links between youth, school communities and local employers, hopefully resulting in more vulnerable young people re-engaging at school and integrating learning relevant to the needs of companies like Ventia.

boy smiling in hardhat and PPE in front of his mate in an excavator

Nothing like a day in the field to bring a smile to the face. 


Ventia's Telco Team was privileged to take part in this very first Trades Camp, and we look forward to many more in the future as our important partnership grows.

Congratulations and thank you to Boys to the Bush for the hugely important work you do, and to our Telco Team members making a positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged youth.