Two men in hi vis working on overhead lines against a blue sky

Our Victorian electricity team has secured a contract with AusNet to undertake a range of works across their northern, central and eastern Victorian energy network. 

Under the panel contract, we will perform projects and upgrades across overhead and underground distribution lines as well as a range of network projects around the state. 

The scope of the contract includes overhead line distribution works, underground distribution works, and upgrades to the network and customer projects including greenfields sites. The service area incorporates the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne as well as the northeast and eastern parts of the state.  

Ventia General Manager Electricity and Gas Craig MacDonald said that our highly skilled workforce and track record in delivery were key factors in the awarding of the contract.  



"In 2022 we added additional capability to our electricity distribution team in Victoria which provides us with a really compelling offer for clients both new and existing," Craig said. 

We're excited to get to work on some critical projects across the state and partner with AusNet which connects and supplies power to 6.6 million Victorians.

The team will also bring their innovative mobility platform to the contract which provides live data from the field in a simple way, enabling work to be managed more efficiently at both our end and with the client.  

AusNet are an Australian energy delivery services business owning and operating more than $11 billion of electricity and gas network assets.