water on road at dusk

Little more than a year after NSW experienced its worst bushfire season on record, many parts the state were under water last week due to a one-in-100-year flood.

Teams across Ventia were there to provide assistance to our clients and communities, keeping essential services operating and going the extra mile to ensure people are safe.

Many of our employees were also impacted by the floods yet chose to help others.

Here are a few examples from some of our teams across Greater Sydney. 

Collaboration between teams

Advanced planning and collaboration between the Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) and Ventia's National Contact and Coordination Centre (N3C) team was undertaken in preparation for the predicted wet weather, but the amount of rain and the extent of the flooding was far greater than the weather forecasters had predicted.

The teams fielded more than double the usual amount of calls from residents in social housing in Sydney and Newcastle requesting urgent repairs.

N3C Project Director Erin White said everyone pulled together to ensure service excellence was provided to our customers at a very distressing and anxious time for them. 

"Our amazing team has done exceptional work over the past few days, rising to the challenge to safely deliver essential services to our community," Erin said. "Thank you, team!"

Project Director LAHC Ian Ryles said his team also carried out urgent repairs to properties hit by a mini tornado that ripped through the Sydney suburb of Chester Hill on Saturday morning.

"The contract team attended key sites over the weekend to arrange sandbagging and to co-ordinate works at many priority locations," Ian said.

"The N3C Team did a tremendous job under enormous pressure in triaging and allocating thousands of priority work orders to our subcontractors, including roof repairs, water extractions and tree removals. 

A big thanks to everyone involved from the N3C and the LAHC contract team who collaborated together on planning for and rising to the challenges of the weekend, while putting safety first.

Keeping motorists safe on the M2 and Eastern Distributor

More than 20 team members in our M2 roads contract for client Transurban have been supporting the client and road users to ensure motorists can get where they're going safely. 

Civil, Maintenance & IR Supervisor - Lane Cove Tunnel & M2 Motorway Troy Mattiazzo says rain events often increase their call outs for both incident response and infrastructure repairs. 

"We experience different conditions along the M2 in heavy rain," Troy says. "The whole team from civil, landscaping and patrollers have done such a great job with keeping the drains clear and working in these difficult conditions."

M2 Roadwork site

The M2 team have had praise from the client and customers for their work in recent days. 

Transurban's M2 Traffic Control room said they were pleased to see no issues with blocked drains or pits over the weekend and thanked Troy and his team for ensuring all motorists had the safest possible passage along the M2. 

Motorist Andrea also reached out to the team to thank them for helping her retrieve some equipment she lost from her vehicle on the M2 after a long day working at the Children's Hospital. She said she was really impressed with the communication she received from the team as well as the fact she got her equipment back safely.

You should be extremely proud to have these men on your team, they went above and beyond and did it with kindness, Andrea said.

"I manage a very large team and sometimes in all the business and pressure to achieve outcomes the people doing the job get overlooked. I have not overlooked their generosity and am very grateful."

Further south, our Eastern Distributor maintenance and incident response teams managed weather-related activity at one of the busy off ramps. They ensured repair of damages caused by incidents, kept an eye on trees to prevent any incidents caused by falling branches, and remained on high alert to deal with emergency scenarios.

We encourage all road users, commuters, and anyone out and about in Greater Sydney as well as other parts of NSW and South East Queensland currently experiencing wild weather to stay safe. If you have to be out and about, it's likely you'll see one of Ventia's teams looking after infrastructure and other essential services.