During 2022, we made further progress towards the goals of our Sustainability Strategy.

We celebrated many achievements throughout the year, and invested time and effort to deepen our understanding of our business performance and our impact across environment, social and governance aspects.  

We continued to refine the way we measure our performance, improving processes and ensuring rigorous mechanisms to accurately capture relevant data and enhance transparency. 

Read the report here.

Visit our report campaign page here: https://ventia.com/page/sustainability-report-2022

We continue to listen to our people, our clients and the communities in which we work, collaborating to improve and evolve our approach. 

Ventia is committed to creating a lasting impact and positive legacy for people and planet.  

While 2023 promises further external uncertainty and a challenging operating environment, we will again seek to harness our team's passion as we work together to Redefine Service Excellence and achieve our sustainability goals.