Pit 3 of the Ranger Mine near Jabiru in the Northern Territory.

Ventia has been awarded the stage one package of works with Energy Resources of Australia Ltd (ERA), a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, to commence environmental rehabilitation activities in Pit 3 of the Ranger Mine near Jabiru in the Northern Territory.

Located 260 kilometres south east of Darwin, uranium ore was mined at Ranger mine from 1980 until operations ceased in January 2021. The Ranger Project Area is being progressively rehabilitated to establish an environment similar to the adjacent areas of Kakadu National Park. The rehabilitated area could be incorporated into the Kakadu National Park, should the Traditional Owners and other relevant authorities so wish. 

Ventia's scope of works includes supply and installation of wick drains in Pit 3 as part of a first phase of critical rehabilitation activities. 

The pit is approximately 1.1km long by 750m wide and 70m deep and contains the fine and coarse tailings from past mining activities.

In preparation for future installation of a capping system and backfill of Pit 3, Ventia will install wick drains into the subaqueous tailings to draw water to the surface of the pit. The wick drains will promote accelerated consolidation of the tailings, allowing for a full capping solution to be installed earlier than if the tailings were left to self-consolidate. 

Adam Fletcher, Ventia GM Environmental Services says the team has drawn on its 35 plus years of complex remediation and environmental engineering experience to deliver an innovative solution for ERA.

"Ventia's environmental services team have been providing technology driven engineering solutions to solve the country's most challenging environmental problems for nearly four decades. 

We have a proven record in managing complex projects throughout Australia's most northern regions and draw on our deep experience when looking to find innovative solutions for our clients. 

"Around 44,000 wick drains will be installed as part of these works for the Ranger Mine and positioned using a custom modular barge as a floating platform to ensure both safety and efficiency during the process.

"The Northern Territory is a special region for us. We are proud to be playing a role in restoring the natural environment, making the site safe for future use and to work closely with local Indigenous communities and Traditional Owners during this project."

Ventia in the Northern Territory 

Ventia has a proven record in managing complex projects throughout Australia's most northern regions. In the Northern Territory, Ventia has a team of almost 1,000 people and is the Territory's highest employer of apprentices. 

In 2015, Ventia commenced on the Cox Peninsula Remediation Project in the Northern Territory for the Commonwealth Department of Finance. The remote land had been used by the Commonwealth for maritime, communications and defence purposes for 120 years. The land has now been remediated and handed back to the Traditional Owners. Learn more about the project in the video below and read our case study here: https://www.ventia.com/projects/cox-peninsula-remediation.