We partner with universities and research organisations to bring the latest technology and innovations to market.

Why Advanced Engineering?

Our close client focus and multi-disciplinary approach unlock synergies that would not be possible under a more siloed approach to engineering.

Our relationships with universities and research organisations mean we can bring cutting-edge technologies, methodologies to the market and present our clients with opportunities to engage with these organisations and take advantage of the innovations.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Our latest innovation is the use of VR platforms to simulate client locations and assets for training and design purposes.

All scales of assets, from single pieces of intricate machinery to multi-hectare industrial sites can be recreated in a realistic VR simulation.

Our software development team is even able to work with our specialist engineering teams to integrate accurate process simulations, so that actions taken in the VR model will result in true to life outcomes, enabling further training and assessment opportunities for operational staff.


With several personnel who have come from the world of academia, we have a deep insight into the technology that is just over the horizon.

By maintaining our links to universities and research organisations, we provide feedback on industry requirements to those groups and provide a link between clients willing to fund research, and the researchers with the expertise to produce the next generation of innovations for industry.

Two project workers inspecting machinery


We take our investigative approach to the projects we are working on with clients. Rather than simply completing a job to spec, our engineers look for ways to add further value by exploring options that may not have been previously considered.

Our engineers have also been known to make recommendations that may reduce the scope of the immediate project with the goal of creating efficiencies on client assets and sacrificing some short-term return for longer term relationships.


Cutting-edge technology is merely a toy until it can be scaled and utilised in the field.

Our link between universities, research organistations, industry and government seek to capitalise on the technology developed, getting products out to market and sourcing funding for research projects.

This process has the added benefit of identifying the next generation of talented engineers as they complete their qualifications and make their move into industry.


fuel tanks

Remote Monitoring and IoT

The remote nature of our clients' sites means that routine maintenance and inspection of assets can require extensive travel. With 25% of safety breaches and 30% of workplace injuries relating to driving, minimising travel to remote sites can improve personnel safety and improve efficiency.

We have a background in implementing complex SCADA systems for our clients, and we are now able to use modern Internet of Things (IoT) devices to conduct remote monitoring of assets on a simpler, more affordable scale.

Fuel tank levels, air conditioning and refrigeration units as well as sewerage assets have been upgraded with IoT monitoring equipment used by our clients to reduce inspection callouts and provide real-time alerts upon failure.