Air quality is important to the health and wellbeing of all in our community and is a major priority for many of our clients.

Our air monitoring teams measure the concentration of a range of emissions including dust, volatile organic compounds and restricted atmosphere parameters such as carbon monoxide (CO) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Our clients come from a range of industries from transport to construction. They know they can rely on us for accurate data based on the best technology and systems available.

With 30 years' experience and more than 140 major environmental remediation projects successfully completed - Ventia has a proud history of working on large and complex contaminated sites, working with stakeholders to deliver safety and suitable environment outcomes.

On each of these projects, our specialist team identified environmental and health hazards and their associated risks during the project design phase and selected and designed risk control methods to employ during project delivery that reduced adverse health outcomes.

These include controls and technology Ventia has developed. These incorporate the use of custom-made control enclosures to encapsulate contaminated site with contaminated and impacted air being directed through complex ventilation and control systems, to treat and remove contamination, dust and other air quality impacts before entering the environment.