Our asset management team works with asset-intensive industries. We are trusted advisers with an independent, expert point of view.

Our asset management team works with asset-intensive industries with big plants, such as energy and water, and on major infrastructure projects like the Victorian Desalination Plant. Typically, our clients have tens of thousands of assets.

We build long-term relationships, actively look for ways to add value, and become trusted advisers who clients turn to when they need an independent, expert point of view.

Every member of our team has extensive operational experience in the industries we work with. We're not 'ivory tower' consultants; we work side by side with people on the ground to solve problems.

Our capabilities

We help our clients with asset management at every level. We can take a long-term, holistic view and can plan for decades ahead. But equally, we can look at a single machine, work out what's wrong with it, and track the issue to its root cause.

Our capabilities include:

  • asset strategy and planning for the very long term
  • asset risk optimisation to identify critical assets and get the best result for the maintenance dollar
  • asset condition analysis to diagnose and treat broken equipment
  • asset systems and documentation to get software, information and people working together.
  • engineering design for design and construction of new assets in brownfields environments.