Ventia's clients operate some of the most complex and costly plant in industry. We ensure our clients' assets are being used to their full capability throughout the asset lifecycle.


The various industries in which we operate share common themes. A consistent theme across all clients and industries is the requirement to gain a maximum return out of installed assets.

Our Asset Performance is based on four pillars:


Identify and manage regulatory requirements to support our client's licence to operate.

Regulations are undeniably strict when it comes to industry in the current environment. We help our clients navigate the legal minefield of red tape, green tape and ticker tape in delivering outcomes.

We are especially adept at HOTO (Handover/Takeover) checklists when working with the Department of Defence.


Optimise operating capacity through process and control system tuning and high return asset improvements.

As the business environment changes, there are expectations on assets and equipment to exceed the performance and lifespan they were originally designed for.

We work with our clients to find optimisations to gain more performance out of installed equipment, without compromising safety or asset longevity.


Identify and mitigate facility risks to protect our client's investments and reputation.

Ensuring the safe operation of a facility is increasingly critical, and we are experienced in both risk identification and mitigation using industry accepted methods such as HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study), CHAZOP (Controls Hazard and Operability Study), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) and SMS (Safety Management Study) to achieve this.


Implement strategies and methodologies to assist the clients building a Reliability Centred Maintenance culture, smarter budget utilisation, increased availability, and dependable operations.

Maintaining operations is key to realising asset value, but operational and maintenance budgets need to be controlled. Understanding where maintenance budgets can be best spent to maximise plant availability is essential in maximising the return on maintenance and operational costs. We work with our clients to understand where best to spend available funds using a risk centred maintenance approach. 

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