Ventia helps clients understand the risks for every asset, enabling them to plan a management program that matches expenditure to risk.

When you control tens of thousands of assets, you can't treat them all equally. For our clients in asset-intensive industries, cost-effective asset management means understanding how critical each asset is to the business. If an asset failed, would it shut the business down? Would it be a threat to health and safety? Could it cause an environmental incident?

With risk optimisation, clients know these risks for every asset they own, and can plan a management program that matches expenditure to level of risk. 

Criticality assessments

During a criticality assessment, we determine a risk profile for every asset in the business. This means that for each asset, we assess the level of risk across several areas, including health and safety, environmental and financial risks. We then assign a dollar figure to every risk for every asset, so we can calculate the net impact on the business if that asset failed.

Critical spares reviews

Often, a criticality assessment leads to a critical spares review. This enables our clients to optimise a limited budget for spare parts by investing in areas that represent the greatest risk reduction - that is, making sure spare parts are available for the equipment that would cause the biggest problems if it failed.

The Ventia difference

What makes Ventia's asset management team different is our combination of reliability and efficiency. With extensive technical know-how and many years of real-world experience, we can accurately assess thousands of assets every hour.

Often, we complete an assessment within weeks that had been sitting in the too-hard basket for years. And this rapid progress comes without compromising accuracy or level of detail.