We work with industries that think decades ahead, and our strategy and planning capabilities reflect that long-term vision.

Ventia works with clients in asset-intensive industries who think decades ahead, and our contract commitments and incentives reflect that. We are not about short-term wins, but optimising expenditure over the life of major pieces of infrastructure.

Asset lifecycle plans

An asset lifecycle plan is crucial to an effective asset strategy. In this document we take the long view - looking at asset maintenance needs over the entire life of each asset. We take into account any risk ratings determined through a criticality assessment, as well as expectations about the life and performance of the asset.
We can apply an asset lifecycle plan to an entire plant, or concentrate on a specific subsystem, function or equipment type.

Often, some of this work has been done before, but in a piecemeal way that makes it impossible to get a broad overview or find reliable, up-to-date documentation. Different versions of documents might exist in several places, or naming and formatting might be inconsistent. We use an asset lifecycle plan to solve the 'needle in a haystack' problem by creating a single, controlled document.


Delivering high-level strategy on the ground

Often in large companies, the vision of the board is disconnected from the way work gets delivered on the ground.

Our team are hands-on implementers by background, but our long experience has made us equally comfortable dealing with senior leadership. This means we often spend our time 'translating' high-level strategic objectives into operational decisions. We're proud of our ability to talk strategy to everyone, at every level of the business.


Outage planning

A planned outage is a uniquely intense event for our clients. It often represents a high proportion of their annual technical expenditure, and failure to plan adequately can be disastrous.

Our team has led clients through such outages for many years. We know the pressures and the potential pitfalls. With our expert guidance, our clients can get to the other side of a planned outage without nasty surprises.