A fundamental part of our work is optimising client systems, whether those systems involve software, information or people.

Ventia helps companies put our analysis and insights to good use. A fundamental part of our work is optimising the systems that are used to bring our recommendations to life, whether those systems involve software, information or people.

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software

We work with whatever EAM software clients already have. We're familiar with most EAM systems on the market, including SAP, IBM Maximo and Ellipse.

While we often use spreadsheets for our initial analysis, this data can be migrated into any software system.

We also help clients get the most out of their chosen software. While all software has strengths and weaknesses, the most important factors in the success of a software system are human ones: quality of data, well-considered configuration, and training so the system gets used in the way it's intended.

Documenting and managing information

Good information management is crucial to effective project [link] and asset management, but it's a weakness for many companies in asset-intensive industries.

Key person dependencies are an especially common risk: knowledge about a critical asset or group of assets is stored in one long-serving engineer's head, and is simply lost when that person leaves the business.

In a world where staff retention is getting harder, taking technical information out of people's heads and incorporating it into consistent, rigorous documentation is becoming even more urgent. We see this as a key part of the work we do, not an optional extra.

People and workflow management

An asset is not just a physical object; it's also the people, systems and processes that surround it.

Our team gets involved in every aspect of asset maintenance, and we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. From education and training to workflow improvement and even organisation structure, we know having the right people with the right skills in the right working environment can make an even bigger difference to an asset than the best maintenance program.