We protect community safety with high-quality custodial management services that prioritise security, welfare and rehabilitation. 

Justice services across Australia trust us to deliver prison custody management services that support safety, positive conditions and rehabilitation.

The safety and security of our people is paramount. All staff are trained to treat inmates with decency and respect, to promote positive behaviour and minimise harm. This approach reduces problems and incidents in custody and prepares inmates to safely reintegrate into the community after release.

Promoting rehabilitation and reducing community risk

We aim to create a custodial environment where positive choices are the norm. To do this, we support pro-social behaviour and apply various methodologies to encourage self-reflection, discourage reoffending and positively influence thought patterns.

Our staff are trained in trauma-informed approaches for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, both in custody and as they reintegrate into communities. We offer tailored programs and reintegration support that directly address the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in custody, as well as the unique gaps and barriers they may face upon release.

Better prison security through technology

Our service is supported by new and emerging prison technology, including:

  • Body and property scanners
  • Drone and mobile phone detection
  • Keyless door locking.
  • We also have initiatives enabling inmates to use leading-edge technology for learning and development.