Moving people in custody to court and other locations presents unique and dynamic risks. Ventia manages these risks using proven methods that balance security and welfare in complex operating environments.

We provide custody, transport and security services, including:

  • Court security
  • 24/7 Control Centre
  • People in custody movements via road and air
  • Court custody
  • Medical appointments
  • Hospital admissions
  • Funeral escorts
  • Inter-prison transfers
  • Police lock-up clearances
  • Escort vehicle fleet management.

Delivering with a culture of care

We have a strong track record of delivering secure services within a culture of care, helping us achieve better outcomes for our clients and the people we supervise and protect each day.

Our court security and custodial services contract in Western Australia consistently achieves a 99% on-time delivery performance to courts and has a superior safety record compared to other providers.

People at the heart of our operations

We employ the best people to realise our objectives, which place the care of communities as well as people in custody at the heart of our operations.

Our people are supported by fit-for-purpose operating instructions, a modern fleet with tracking and safe driving technology, and IT systems that enable live and accurate reporting.