Ventia uses data science and analytics to give our clients a competitive advantage, helping them to operate more effectively and at lower cost. Recognising the strategic value of data and value to our clients, we are increasing our investment and expanding our data science and analytics capabilities.

Ventia has a deep understanding of the industries we work in and recognises the value of data in these industries. Using the combination of experience and data, we give our clients tools to embrace change and build sustainable businesses.

How our clients realise the benefits of data

There are many ways in which data science and analytics can enable a business to operate more efficiently and effectively:

  • Visibility: Custom dashboards and reports give our clients valuable insights and make performance data visible to the whole business
  • Detection: Analytics help our clients detect failures before they occur, or before they develop into major defects
  • Planning: With insights across their asset portfolio, clients can make the right long-term decisions about operational and maintenance needs
  • Optimisation: Rich data helps clients allocate resources and funding in the best way to extend asset life and improve service
  • Prediction: Our clients can use sophisticated modelling to predict the future condition and service requirements of every asset