We operate Australia's largest private firefighting service includes aviation, structural, bushfire response and hazard reduction services through our contract with the Department of Defence.

Experienced, well-equipped workforce

Our fire and rescue service has been operating throughout Australia for more than 20 years.

Today, it employs a team of 320 firefighters at multiple sites, equipped with a sizable firefighting fleet of aviation, structural and bushfire appliances.

This experienced team has extensive knowledge of Defence working environments and operating theatres.

Extensive firefighting capability

The service offers a full range of firefighting capability, including:

  • Fire response (aviation, structural and bushfire)
  • Search and rescue first response support
  • Fire station watch room services
  • Air traffic control transmission monitoring, alert protocol and pilot communication


Compatible with Defence requirements

Importantly, the team understands Department of Defence requirements in the field of operation, which ensures dual emergency response and flexibility in emergency resourcing capability if required. 

Meet some of the team