Effective flood warning systems are becoming increasingly important with severe weather events on the rise worldwide.

We are proud to have Australia's most experienced team in private industry installing and operating flood warning systems and collecting flood data. We have installed, and operate and maintain a network of over 300 flood warning sites across Victoria, as well as smaller networks in NSW and QLD.

We have developed an innovative solution to collecting data during emergency events at locations not covered by traditional monitoring sites. PALS (Portable Automatic Logging Systems) measure, transmit and display data in real time, including recording and transmitting photos and video imagery. Our specialised telemetry and web hosting team have worked closely with organisations such as the Bureau of Meteorology and SES to seamlessly integrate the import of data from these units into existing systems.

At Ventia we put health and safety above all else. We pioneered the use of acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) and drones to capture data without exposing field teams to the risks associated with flood waters.

Technical Expertise

  • We are contributing to the hydrological knowledge and long-term data sets of flood studies being undertaken across Victoria. Our hydrology and data teams has worked closely with Government agencies and consultants to incorporate modelled data into existing data sets to augment the data history of monitored sites, allowing more accurate prediction of high water flows.


  • Our field technicians are highly experienced in gauging the discharge of flood waters and operating the Event Reporting Radio Telemetry System (ERRTS) used by the Bureau of Meteorology and partner organisations to collect flood warning data in real time. Specialised vehicles are equipped with state of the art safety and recovery equipment including satellite tracking and communications.


Our specialised teams include:

  • a telemetry and web hosting team who work closely with clients to develop customised web hosting applications for data access and visualisation, or to integrate flood warning data into existing systems     
  • a research and technical solutions team providing expert advice on flood warning instrumentation, infrastructure, redundant telemetry and logging systems and satellite communication.
  • a hydrology and data management team who make sense of flood warning data including the development of stage-discharge relationships (ratings).