Our large and experienced team of specialists offers fit-for-purpose groundwater monitoring solutions that help our clients effectively manage their assets and track any potential contaminants. 

From site and network design to installation, operation, maintenance and end of life removal, Ventia provides the full range of groundwater monitoring services and uses the latest technology to give our clients the best possible information. 

With services tailored to meet clients' individual needs, we can offer continuous monitoring of groundwater quality and quantity as well as spot sampling over any timeframe. 

We have extensive experience in operating existing long-term groundwater monitoring stations, and establishing and managing new sites. We can sample for in situ water quality parameters and for a range of specialised analytes.

Groundwater samples are collected using proven techniques: low-flow, passive, purging, 3-volume and in situ sampling methodologies. Our analysis determines the quality of the groundwater, monitors changes and detects any contamination. 

Ventia's purpose-built technology provides clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions for monitoring groundwater and bores in remote areas. For example, our telemetry information management systems mean real-time monitoring data can be securely accessed anywhere. 

We also use custom-made CCTV cameras to assess groundwater bores for any issues. That means high-tech restoration work can be undertaken as quickly as possible, avoiding the need for costly re-drilling works. 

Many industries and sectors must meet tightening environmental regulations, particularly when it comes to the management of landfill sites. Our groundwater monitoring services, coupled with our knowledge and expertise, are designed to help our clients meet these regulations. 

Here is a full list of our groundwater monitoring services.

  • Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring
  • Drilling and Installation of Landfill Bores - Gas and Leachate
  • Soil Sampling
  • Effluent and Sludge Sampling
  • Recycled Water Sampling and Monitoring
  • Gas Bore monitoring (CO2, H2S, O2, CH4, CO)
  • Surface emissions monitoring (CH4 and other gases)
  • Buildings and underground services monitoring (CH4)
  • Subsurface landfill gas sampling (canister sampling)
  • Landfill gas leak/integrity testing
  • Air Quality Monitoring - Dust and other atmospheric indicators
  • Leachate Monitoring
  • Biosolids Sampling and Monitoring
  • Soil Sampling
  • Specialised Analyte Sampling: PFAS, Blue Green Algae Sampling, Nutrient Loads, Nitrates, Arsenic, Cyanide, and E-coli and other organic contaminates
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Reactive and Routine Water Quality Monitoring
  • Real time water quality monitoring
  • Data Quality Assurance
  • LORAWAN Installation and Operation
  • Telemetry (ERRTs, Mobile, Satellite) Installation and Operation
  • Real Time Data and KPI Dashboards
  • Report writing including: site assessments, trend analysis, trigger level reporting, factional data reporting, full interpretive annual reporting, and Exceedance Compliance Reporting.