Australia is a global leader in Intelligent Transport Systems and Ventia is at the forefront, providing innovative solutions designed to contribute to the safety, comfort, mobility and efficiency of transport networks for our communities. 

By integrating vehicle detection, traffic analysis, control and communication technologies into transport infrastructure, we support our clients to process and share information that can be used to plan and optimise networks, ease congestion, improve traffic management and minimise environmental impacts.

Ventia Intelligent Transport Systems takes a comprehensive and integrated view of the people, roads, vehicles, signaling and other systems that contribute to safe and effective transportation networks for commercial and public users, offering an end-to-end approach to service that delivers holistic solutions. 

Utilising state-of-the-art information and communication technologies to provide real-time, accurate data and information, ITS supports decision makers to coordinate management controls and response to meet the unique requirements of any ground transportation network. 

Ventia is the first-to-market provider of Intelligent Transport Systems and services across Australia, leading some of the country's most complex state projects, with capabilities in:

  • Smart Motorways, like the Kwinana Smart Freeway in WA and the M4 in New South Wales, plus the M1 Monash to Westgate upgrade
  • Traffic Management Centres, such as for Eastlink in Victoria
  • Communication Networks, and 
  • Traffic signalling projects
  • Smart rail upgrades and new builds for passenger and freight operations, such as the Sydney and Brisbane airport links and ATP installations


Whether it's designing a new system or enhancing an existing system to make the most of road or track space now and into the future, Ventia has the respected expertise and skills to optimise ground transportation with the intelligence to provide a smooth, efficient and reliable journey.