With a long history in naval shipbuilding and sustainment, Ventia offers all the capabilities of the largest infrastructure company in Australia and New Zealand to keep naval vessels operational and in peak condition. 

Our know-how and expertise working with Australia's most critical and tightly regulated industries allows us to bring true innovation and cost savings to the defence sector.

Our maritime sustainment services include:

  • engineering support to keep equipment functioning
  • ongoing upgrades and replacement of obsolete equipment
  • logistical and technological support for maintenance programs
  • planning for optimal availability across decades-long lifecycles.

Certainty and cost savings through cross-industry know-how

Ventia's skills and experience in industries like resources, energy, transport and urban infrastructure mean we bring proven best practices from other sectors to our maritime work.

For example, we have decades of experience maintaining critical assets in the resources industry across boom and bust cycles. This has seen us use new technologies to bring scheduling certainty, while extracting maximum value from maintenance budgets.

The sites we maintain are among Australia's and New Zealand's largest and most regulated with high levels of complexity. They include oil refineries, steel works, power stations and water treatment works. We're frequently required to deploy surge workforce capacity during planned shutdowns with cascading levels of risk, requiring hair-trigger planning and extreme logistical flexibility.

With the technologies, skills and processes we've developed through this work, we can help maximise operational certainty for Australia's naval fleet, while driving costs down.

Success in the completion of major shutdowns can be largely attributed the team's planners, schedulers estimators and supervisors. The team are also adept at mobilising large labour forces quickly and ensuring reliable systems are in place. These teams combined with the right tools and processes present a highly capable solution with considerable relevance to the naval sustainment activity.