Our dedicated, specialist PFAS team actively researches and develops innovative technologies to remediate PFAS contaminated soil, sediment, concrete and water.  

Our newest, world-first technology - developed after years of research, collaboration and trials - is SourceZone®. SourceZone offers a permanent and complete solution to PFAS soil contamination and, dependent on soil type, it can remove up to 99% of PFAS mass from soil. 

A cost-effective and sustainable solution, soil recovered through the SourceZone® process can be reused at the site, eliminating the need for expensive clean-fill and transportation and disposal costs. 

A leader in PFAS remediation in Australia, Ventia is successfully rehabilitating the former fire training facility for the Country Fire Authority at Fiskville, Victoria.  

Our team delivered the demolition and decontamination of above ground structures, and is currently completing the remediation of soil, sediment and water on the 150-hectare site.

Ventia has years of water treatment experience, which we are now applying to PFAS contaminated sites. We have recently treated over 54 million litres of PFAS impacted water at Fiskville and over 240 million litres associated with SourceZone® at RAAF Edinburgh.

Our PFAS team is currently undertaking ground-breaking research with the University of Newcastle to investigate the destruction of PFAS using thermal oxidation.  

The learnings from the research will be used to conduct a full-scale PFAS trial at the Suez Ventia Joint Venture soil processing facility in Victoria. This vital research will ensure that PFAS is adequately destroyed during treatment and not inadvertently discharged to the atmosphere as undetected treatment by-products.

Working with our clients to understand the objectives and scope for each project means instead of taking a 'one-size fits all' approach, we consider a range of different technologies that can be used independently or in combination to provide a whole-site solution.

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SourceZone®: Removes PFAS from soil

Using in-house resources and expertise, Ventia — in conjunction with CleanEarth Technologies Inc, Nova Scotia, Canada — designed SourceZone®, a highly effective and sustainable technology for the removal of PFAS contamination from soils.    

Targeting PFAS 'hot spots' and 'source zones', the PFAS removal technology cost-effectively remediates PFAS contaminated sites.

Proven at field-scale, SourceZone® successfully treated 11,500 tonnes of sand and clay soil and removed up to 99% of PFAS (90% average PFOS + PFHxS removal efficiency for the treatment of clay soils), at the Australian Department of Defence RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia. 

Over 99% of soil treated using SourceZone® can be reused as backfill at the site, eliminating the need for expensive clean-fill, and transportation and disposal costs. 

Research towards best practice 

Committed to developing best practice PFAS remediation solutions, our specialist team collaborates with world-class researchers from Australia and abroad.

Strong relationships with the PFAS academic community and investment in our own research and development programs means we can deliver remediation technologies for our clients with confidence and certainty.   

Ventia is a member of two PFAS Special Research Initiative grants with the Australian Research Council worth over $2 million. These grants - with the University of Queensland, University of Newcastle. University of Adelaide, the CSIRO and other industry partners - focus on developing new and innovative PFAS remediation technologies.  

Ventia - in collaboration with the National Measurement Institute, Australian Laboratory Services and Eurofins Environment Testing Australia - was awarded the inaugural Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) Research and Development Grant to conduct an inter-laboratory assessment of the PFAS total oxidisable precursor (TOP) assay.  

This significant study provides much-needed research and advice about the reliability of the TOP assay and is a substantial contribution to the development of the global remediation industry. 

The findings from this research were used to inform the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's PFAS National Environmental Management Plan version 2.0 (NEMP 2.0). 

About PFAS 

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a diverse group of synthetically produced chemicals that are resistant to heat, water and oils. From the 1970s, PFAS were used extensively in firefighting foam. They are also used in industrial applications and in common household products, including non-stick cookware, food packaging, cosmetics, sunscreen, fabric, furniture and carpet stain protection products. 

PFAS do not break down or degrade in the environment. They are soluble and mobile, and are found in soil, surface water and groundwater. There is now a legacy of PFAS contamination (including PFOS and PFOA) at landfills and many sites associated with fire-fighting training across the country. 

Want to know more about PFAS? Visit the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) website for fact sheets and in depth technical and scientific information about all things PFAS.

Ventia is thrilled to be a Banksia Foundation Sustainability Awards 2021 finalist for SourceZone®

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