We deliver trusted inmate reintegration services that contribute to a safer community. Our program is tailored for individual needs, using an accredited model to determine the right mix of support for a positive outcome.

The main goal is to discourage reoffending and encourage individuals to take control of their lives through positive behavioural change, skills development, employment, education and rehabilitation.

Making positive choices the norm

Our approach is to minimise reoffending by promoting pro-social behaviour and creating an environment where positive choices are the norm. We prepare inmates to return to their families and communities, while feeling supported and set up for success.

We engage with inmates early in the release planning and reintegration process, and carefully monitor release dates and bail hearings. Our multi-disciplinary team is trained in all aspects of the reintegration process. 

Supporting inmates before and after release

Services include:

  • individualised release planning using our accredited model
  • trauma-informed approaches to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • continuity of support through strategic partnerships with communities and agencies for education and employment 
  • specialised support for vulnerable people, including those with mental health issues and disabilities, and those who are culturally and linguistically diverse
  • post-release access to social support services, including food, clothing and accommodation.

Continuity of support is essential to ensure the best possible outcome for the individual and the community.