Designed and constructed by Ventia as a tailor-made solution for our clients, the Remote Electronic Verification System (REVS) is used to verify the accuracy of flow meters.

Used by irrigation and water authority clients to conduct flow comparisons to Australian metering standards, REVS is an in situ system which can be deployed in the field to test accuracy over various flow ranges.

This innovative system, which could be described as a mobile laboratory, avoids the need to send flow meters to a lab for verification. It accurately reports flow up to 17 megalitres per day in the field. A final report from every meter is provided following verification.

The purpose-built system allows for meter verification to Australian Standard 4747. It continues to be tested against the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) certified meter and is the only unit of its type that can test meter accuracy without outside influences affecting the results.

Ventia uses REVS to verify the accuracy of meters including Dethridge Meters, Electromagnetic Flow Meters, FlumeGatesâ„¢ and Ultrasonic Meters.

The REVS verification trailer is easily moved to farm metering locations, and the design allows for water to be delivered onto the farm or returned to the supply channel which has a net loss in water during the testing process.

Since we launched the REVS unit in 2008 we have performed in situ meter verification for Goulburn Murray Water, Murrumbidgee Water, Murray Irrigation and Southern Rural Water.

Our Remote Electronic Verification System (REVS):

  • has achieved accuracy and repeatability on every occasion to the Australian Standard AS4747
  • is the only unit of its kind in the industry
  • has performed over 1,000 tests to date
  • has accuracy better than 0.5% of the volume within the range of 0.5 ML/d to 17 ML/d
  • is capable of testing up to 17 Ml/day
  • records real time data from the meter being tested to pinpoint where any inaccuracies are occurring.