The complex, isolated and unique nature of remote operations magnifies the need for highly reliable communications. 

Our Rig & Well Services business has invested significantly in providing their remote workforce with reliable, robust, and high-performing remote communication systems. Due to the extremely remote nature and industrial environments we operate in, these systems and devices are relied upon in emergency situations and for day-to-day operational activity. 

We specialise in the "last mile" field communications support through the installation and maintenance of communication systems for "hard-to-reach" site operations. Through our technical capability, we deliver seamless support experience for our teams and clients, with dedicated technical resources in the field and servicing our remote sites. We work in a range of sectors, such as mining, oil & gas, agriculture, and transport. 

Connectivity for a remote workforce

Our team is comprised of remote communication specialists who provide a range of solutions, including site data cabling, satellite installation and maintenance, network management, IT site support, and 4G acquisition installation.

Our field-ready technical team and niche communication solutions consist of:

  • Management of remote site satellite systems and bandwidth (LEO & GEO Services)
  • Mobile connectivity installations and 4G signal acquisition
  • Network device and infrastructure installation/deployment/support
  • WiFi mesh systems for sites/offices
  • 'Site in a Box' network support
  • UHF radio technologies
  • Digital MATV and pay TV systems for remote villages and motels
  • WAN management technologies to optimise network bandwidth for on-grid and off-grid locations
  • Rapid deploy communication trailers for quickly mobilised field sites.

Through these solutions, our teams and clients have access to:

  • Reliable communications for emergency response
  • Enabling field workers to access business applications and corporate systems
  • Ability to stream data from remote sites back to head office
  • Connectivity in remote locations for continued collaboration with teams in in diverse areas 
  • Real-time access to remote data.