Ventia's Rig & Well Services, is Australia's largest provider of onshore drilling and well servicing. We specialise in rig operations across Australia's oil, gas and mining industries.

With more than 40 years' experience, many of the world's biggest resources and energy companies trust us with their drilling and well servicing operations. 


Our services include:

  • resource drilling (of all kinds) and downhole intervention
  • minerals and coal exploration and resource definition
  • well servicing, completion, maintenance and abandonment
  • mine dewatering
  • equipment manufacturing, repair and maintenance.

We support these services with engineering and workshop facilities, mechanical services, aviation, training, camp management, logistics and communications.


Exploration, development and production operation

Our range of rigs and drilling methods, together with our experienced operators and engineers can provide innovative solutions to meet our clients' broad requirements. These include:

  • Exploration drilling for gold, copper, uranium, zinc, coal, and iron ore utilising wireline diamond coring, conventional coring, and reverse circulation.
  • Large diameter de-watering solutions and utilising dual rotary rigs to drill through unstable formations.
  • Tight gas, deep exploration, and production drilling for natural gas and carbon capture and storage projects.
  • Heavy workovers and completions, hole deepening and cavitation works, well clean-outs, pump replacements, rod servicing, rapid flushby operations and snubbing.

Energy drilling

We value collaboration with our clients and seek to provide customised drilling solutions. Designed to meet the need for efficiency in performance and production, our rigs and equipment reduce non-productive time during rig moving, rig up/down time, limit manual handling and reduce transportation costs. Rig and equipment packages are modular and offer great flexibility in operations and significant efficiencies in inter-well transportation.


The technology of the Ideal Prime Drilling Rig sets it apart from other drilling rigs with enhanced mobility, unparalleled control, increased torque, enhanced safety and environmental features. It is specifically designed with capability to drill the deepest and most technical wells in Australia. With a mast capacity of 750,000 pounds, 1,600 barrel mud system and three 1,600 horsepower mud pumps, the rig's capability extends from drilling deep, high pressure, high temperature tight gas holes to plug and abandonment campaigns. The rig is fully automated to improve efficiency and reduce risk exposure for the drilling crew. The automated system includes the iron roughneck, mechanical derrickman, automated catwalk, slips and elevators.


The Advantage Driller maintains a high standard of tangible operating efficiencies and has a proven track record in the Cooper Basin and Eastern Queensland. The rig has a mast capacity of 180,000 pounds and is capable of drilling production and coring wells with the ability to add air drilling capability if required. With directional and pad drilling capability, together with the ability to operate in small lease sizes and to be transported rapidly over all road types, these rigs are ideally suited for coal seam gas (CSG) usually drilling CSG wells in less than two days. The automated pipe handler, iron roughneck, hydraulic elevators and slips and BOP handling are designed to improve efficiency and reduce risk exposure for the drilling crew.

Minerals drilling

Most of our rigs are set up as multipurpose (reverse circulation, conventional mud/air and coring), allowing one rig to be used for different purposes. This allows us to service all our clients' drilling needs with one rig (such as geotechnical, exploration, production, water bores and groundwater monitoring networks) and reducing cost to the client by minimising mobilisation and crew costs.

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