Site acquisition and land access for telecommunications projects

Ventia has provided access network support for over 5,000 sites throughout Australasia, including site surveys, design, construction and commissioning.

We are one of the largest providers of site acquisition and design (SAE & D) and land access services for the telecommunications industry in Australia. We have a large experienced team of property, town planning, engineering and project management staff around the country.

A wide range of services

  • Site investigation, lease negotiation,and environmental planning for both greenfield sites and sites requiring upgrades in preparation for network rollout.
  • End-to-end project management of the site acquisition and/or land access process.
  • Wireless base station design including structural, electrical and CAD drafting.
  • Design and land access approvals for fibre optic transmission lines.
  • Special non-standard site solutions including solar/hybrid power systems.
  • Specialist environmental and cultural heritage assessments and community consultation and engagement exercises (more detail below).

Our valued client base includes mobile phone carriers, NBN, emergency service agencies, utilities and the mining sector.

A seamless approach including community engagement

No matter the size of the project, we provide a seamless approach to land access management, and environmental and pre- and post-Indigenous cultural heritage impacts.

To make sure your project runs smoothly, our specialist teams prepare and implement detailed environmental impact assessment and management plans. We also conduct community consultations on your behalf so your stakeholders know the process is thorough and transparent.

Our clients benefit from our considerable experience with Native Title. Our teams have consulted with close to 250 Traditional Owner Groups (TOGs) across Australia, and we have built solid relationships with a range of Native Title representative bodies and respective state government agencies nationwide.

When it comes to engaging with authorities and regulators, communities and environment we can support your project through:

  • researching inter-carrier and other regulatory arrangements that apply to deploying networks - including Facilities Access Agreements
  • managing community investment and community relations
  • managing European heritage
  • preparing environmental assessments
  • organising heritage determination and evaluation by state and commonwealth approval authorities
  • undertaking native title assessments and negotiations including:
    • Memorandum Of Understanding and Cultural Heritage Management Plan agreements, and
    • Indigenous Land Use Agreements with traditional owners, claimants and authorities
  • arranging building and/or site access leases and licences
  • project coordination of environment, heritage and property acquisition
  • managing authority and landowner objections including compensation and restoration agreements
  • preparing council/shire development application approvals for tower installations and deployment in areas of significance.