Smart motorways leverage today's smart technologies to ensure a smooth and safe journey for road users, monitoring live conditions to enable real-time response and reducing congestion in busy areas at peak times. 

Strategic speed limit and lane availability variations can be used to maximise motorway performance, managing and promoting traffic flow via electronic signage and increasing capacity. Dedicated emergency stopping areas and contact points improve road safety and support incident management, reducing danger and disruption. 

As Australia's leaders in the procurement, installation and testing of smart traffic technologies, Ventia can create a better and safer motorway experience for drivers. 

Delivering end-to-end smart motorway solutions from inception and design through to upgrades, we bring together a suite of services to meet the unique requirements of our vital roads throughout their whole-of-life cycle. 

We identify and install the infrastructure to support the latest intelligent traffic technology, including but not limited to: 

  • surveillance and monitoring systems
  • roadside cabinets
  • lane-use management systems
  • variable speed limit displays
  • coordinated ramp control signals and signage
  • variable message signs
  • motorway emergency telephones
  • freeway data stations  


Contact us today to discuss how smart motorways can help to achieve:

  • reduced peak hour travel times
  • reduced peak traffic on 'feeder' roads
  • improved travel time reliability
  • crash reductions and safety improvements
  • improved freight performance and reliability



Australian Smart Infrastructure Awards 2010 - M1 Freeway Management System