The Ventia Operations Centre (VOC), located in areas across Australia and New Zealand, operates on a 24/7 basis providing inbound and outbound customer service, technical resolution management, critical incident management, work order management, triage, live subcontractor management, planning and scheduling of work services.  

Our VOC operates live networks, managing our clients' communications networks, client assets and their customer relationships in addition to a raft of inbound and outbound services. Continuous operations mean we can respond to your asset and network events quickly and treat your customers' issues consistently. We manage jobs from the first point of contact or alert through to resolution. 

Our objective is to provide value for money, innovative and effective solutions for our partners and clients and deliver exemplary levels of customer service.

Our VOC is designed to monitor, diagnose, record and control a diverse range of customer networks. It is also fully equipped to manage and administer preventative, reactive and planned activities.

The VOC currently services major clients across Australia and New Zealand, managing multiple 24/7 critical contracts all of which have agreed assignment, on site and restoration service level agreements in real time.

We monitor and troubleshoot a multitude of devices in real time including:

  • power systems
  • servers and virtual infrastructure
  • networking equipment
  • environmental sensors and
  • telecommunications infrastructure.

Resilience and disaster recovery

The Ventia Operations Centre (VOC) is supported by multiple power and data resiliency solutions such as autonomous failover to secondary fixed and wireless links, multiple uninterrupted power supply systems and onsite generator support.  

Additionally, further resiliency is established through fallback protocols initiated when a business continuity plan is activated, to one or more of our ten sites throughout Australia and New Zealand.   The centre is supported by remote operational capabilities allowing trained Ventia employees to log in from virtually any approved location and provide support.  
The centre also maintains and monitors a network of secondary 'hot' sites located close to our main hubs for physical redeployment should it be required.

The VOC conducts real time simulated business continuity testing every six months and an annual desktop review of the continuity plan and business impact analysis.

Safety and health above all else

The safety of our people - including subcontractors - is our primary concern. Our operators can see the current status of each job, vehicle movements, national weather maps and emergency services warnings at a glance. Our monitoring systems allow us to identify worker risks in real-time and manage them on-the-spot.

Our clients

The VOC currently services major clients across Australia and New Zealand, managing multiple 24/7 critical contracts all of which have agreed assignment, on site and restoration service level agreements in real time. Through these contracts we provide services that include:

  • national vehicle recovery services for Defence, undertaking planning, scheduling and control activities
  • water utilities emergency fault repair and customer service centre
  • network integrity and facilities management servicing 1.3 million assets nationwide
  • servicing fibre networks, roads maintenance, intelligent transport networks maintenance, radio communications servicing and rail maintenance
  • provision of after-hours customer service on local government facilities management contracts 
  • maintenance services (planned and reactive) for 65,000 NSW social housing properties, taking calls directly from residents and actioning them right through the process
  • helpdesk services for ~1000 NSW schools (soft facilities management) and seven Queensland schools (hard and soft FM through a PPP)
  • planned and reactive asset management across 55+ defence bases
  • 24-hour fault and emergency response across 72 nbn facilities maintenance sites
  • support services to 47+ Australian Government agencies
  • helpdesk capability supporting Emergency Services across Victoria
  • electronic monitoring of individuals for the Queensland Police Service. 

How the VOC benefits our clients

  • The VOC gives clients direct line of sight and transparency into how their assets are performing and work progress. We do performance analysis on all contracts and hold daily calls with any project where opportunities for improvement are uncovered
  • We use robust jeopardy management capability and fault diagnostic processes to prioritise end-to-end incident management
  • We achieve SLA commitments, minimise business impacts and process compliance
  • All inbound and outbound calls are recorded and quality audited to ensure learnings are shared with employees
  • We provide ongoing technical, process and systems management training to our operational teams and performance reporting metrics are typically reflected in KPIs and performance development reviews
  • All our services are supported by strategic data analytics which drive optimal contract, customer, and client outcomes.

Numbers snapshot

1.2M+ calls handled annually
700,000+ tickets of work managed per year
1.5m+ alerts managed per year
80,0000+ journeys managed per year
300+ team members
7.4% indigenous participation
56% female participation