For more than 60 years, Ventia has been a trusted partner to some of Australia and New Zealand's largest energy providers and users. By offering a wide range of services we partner with utility owners to drive operating efficiencies, cost savings, safety and reliability, as well as assuring the ongoing value of energy assets.

With expertise in generation, transmission and distribution and the maintenance of large and complex assets, we service customers in city centres, regional and remote communities.

Maintaining energy assets is crucial to the reliable generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to communities. Together, with our clients and government, we are helping to build a strong energy future by applying our knowledge, technical capability and smart asset management methodology to ensure reliable and predictable generation, transmission and distribution networks to support communities in Australia and New Zealand.

Our focus today is on providing end-to-end solutions to a changing energy industry landscape, through innovation and leadership in energy stability and security, renewable energy and virtual power plants.

We deliver complex energy projects, asset management solutions and provide technical and engineering services to power stations, substations and transmission lines. 

We understand the critical importance of Generation, Transmission & Distribution  infrastructure and our work is focused on minimising downtime and optimising operational efficiencies for our clients and their customers.

Ventia also offers a suite of high voltage technical services including the installation, commissioning, maintenance, project management, diagnostics and testing of electrical infrastructure to keep homes and businesses safely plugged in and switched on.

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