Ventia helps Government and Corrections Departments create safer communities and reduce recidivism by providing justice services with a welfare-led approach. We partner with Governments to securely manage people in custody in prisons and courts, as well as those being transported and those subject to through electronic monitoring.

In each environment, we work with our clients to create systems where people better themselves and their lives while in custody to reduce their recidivism and positively contribute to society on their release.

Our collaborative Justice team supports is committed to building meaningful relationships with community groups dedicated to reducing offending. We are also active participants in academic initiatives that aim for long-term social improvement.

What makes us different

Our people. Rigorous, ongoing training and mentorship develop their ability to maintain safety, discipline, security and dignity. 

Our culture. Our Justice team culture is one of care. We are empowered to put people and communities at the forefront to help ensure safety and security.  

Our accountability. As a partner of government, corrections and law enforcement agencies, we adopt an accountable relational model that fosters trust, collaboration, flexibility, innovation and reliable performance. 

Our local ethos. We take seriously our responsibilities to create local jobs and supply chains, work with First Nations people, and care for the environment.

We offer risk-managed solutions that range from operations and logistics through to electronic monitoring. Our partners can expect agile and ethical delivery from an experienced government service provider in offender management and transport, accommodation solutions, officer recruitment and training, court security and other soft services such as meal preparation and service.