Ventia is one of Australia’s largest providers of brownfield projects, maintenance, shutdowns, drilling, dewatering and accommodation services to the Mining and Minerals sector. We also design and build mission critical communication networks for the mining and minerals sector. Our subsidiary, Rig and Well Services, also has more than 40 years’ experience in mining services and works with some of Australia’s largest resource companies.

The Australian landscape has some of the richest mineral and natural element reserves in the world. We work closely with our clients to support their operations in a sustainable way with the utmost respect for safety for our employees and local communities. 

We provide our clients with project delivery capability, maintenance and shutdown experience, asset closures, facilities management, environmental services, and the design, construction, operations and maintenance of wireless communication and autonomous haulage networks and infrastructure.

Our approach to managing safety, local knowledge, community collaboration and leadership in indigenous engagement supports clients seeking additional value on top of cost and productivity benefits achieved through Ventia’s technical capabilities. 

Using data analytics and smart asset management we drive optimal sustainable asset value to benefit our clients’ bottom line, while our low-cost, high-value approach ensures the most cost efficient service provision.

Our cross-sector capabilities provide systems, process and technology and network integration expertise for mine assets, including power, rail and water infrastructure to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients.