As part of the national broadband network (nbn) project, our telecommunications team in Queensland's south-east were tasked with the delivery of fast broadband across the islands of Moreton Bay, east of Brisbane. 

The construction involved the delivery of the nbn to more than 8,700 premises across a number of islands comprising Stradbroke, Russell, Lamb, Macleay, Karragarra and Coochiemudlo, as well as over 2,600 premises on the mainland near Victoria Point. 

Throughout the project, our team worked with local communities to manage the unique land access requirements associated with works in areas of Native Title and environmental significance. 

A critical aspect of the project was the installation of a number of submarine cables and the completion of underwater drill shots between the various islands - running at lengths of up to 1km. In addition, the team was tasked with the installation of up to 60km of new build and over 500km of hauling on land. 

Moreton Bay Islands area featuring river and land

Moreton Bay project facts and stats

  • Constructed over 45,000m of underground conduit
  • Hauled over 350,000m of underground cables
  • Constructed over 33,000m of aerial cables, much of it across the remote regions of Stradbroke Island
  • Designed and constructed over 2,800m of undersea drilling
  • Broadband provided to more than 8,700 island premises 

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