Since 2018, Ventia has provided incident response and maintenance services for Transurban on the 3.6km Lane Cove Tunnel (LCT) and 21km M2 Motorway, which connect Sydney's lower north shore and northwest regions.

We deliver routine and corrective maintenance on all infrastructure within the tunnel, along the motorway and on the supporting infrastructure - including ventilation inlets/outlets and a water treatment plant.

Our team of engineers and supervisors project manage and deliver major lifecycle works and address defects, repairs and upgrades. This provides Transurban with a flexible and cost-effective work delivery solution, and an improved and safer experience for motorists and the wider community. 

Ventia also provides 24/7 incident response and clearance services, providing support to motorists with minor mechanical repairs, tyre changes and tows to safety.

Working with the client as one team

The team are co-located with Transurban in two locations, allowing for collaboration and timely response when there is an incident to manage.

Through direct client interaction, we can reduce the time spent retrieving information and resolving issues and ultimately create a more hands-on, collaborative approach to project execution. 

Team members from both the client and contractor side attend regular toolbox sessions together, participating in interactive sessions around traffic plans before attending planned maintenance activities on the roads.

Pictured: A toolbox session

Able to respond to any situation

Our ability and experience in responding to a wide range of incidents is key to the smooth running of these motorways.

Ventia's Incident Response and maintenance crews recently responded to an early morning crane truck fire on the M2 motorway within two minutes of receiving notification.

Our team, with the support of Emergency Services, was able to redirect traffic to the opposite carriageway at the start of morning peak hour. We worked to contain the situation and manage the resulting environmental impacts.

Within 12 hours, our team had removed the damaged truck, containing 500L of spilled diesel and hydraulic oils - preventing them from entering waterways. The team also re-sheeted* a two-lane section of the M2 Motorway that was damaged as a result of the fire and spill. 

*Resheeting involves scraping back the existing layer of asphalt before a new layer of asphalt is put down. 

An incident like this demonstrates Ventia's diverse capability to respond to any situation in a motorway environment and minimise the impact to motorists.

Our teams get great satisfaction from helping the public and often receive notes of thanks from families who have been assisted by our Incident Response crews. 

Sustainability and ecological management

All members of our team are all well trained in hazardous chemical identification and containment and our incident response fleet is well equipped to enable them to respond effectively to potential environmental impacts due to traffic incidents. 

All incident responders are trained in use of the sweeper, a vehicle that is used to rapidly and safely remove temporary obstructions - including debris and spilled cargo - from the site of an incident. 

Our civil maintenance crews and incident responders are encouraged to use their skills to continuously identify ways to improve our services, including weed control and native plant regeneration. 

Maintenance and testing during tunnel shutdowns

Testing deluge systems is one of the key maintenance activities we undertake during quarterly tunnel shutdowns across the road network for our client Transurban. 

Deluge systems are an important safety feature in tunnels which allow water to be dropped at points along the tunnels. They're just one of the safety features in place to help manage fire scenarios. 

The provision of mechanical and electrical (M&E) services for the LCT and M2 involves maintaining tunnel ventilation axial fans, jet fans, equipment room air conditioning, environmental monitoring equipment, water treatment plant, dry fire systems, wet fire systems, transformers, switchboards, lighting and uninterruptible power supplies.

Each of these road assets require tunnel testing to be performed annually, which is done during the quarterly shutdowns. 

Our experience in optimising maintenance delivery has helped our customer reduce the number of maintenance closure nights required each year, which in turn reduces cost and maximises commuter availability.

We are proud of our Incident Response performance: 

  • 10 minutes - the time by which 95% of all incidents are responded to during peak times
  • Since the commencement of the contract in 2018 we have had 100% positive customer feedback
  • 250 incidents responded to per month


Traffic volumes

  • M2 traffic per day = approximately 130,000
  • Lane Cove Tunnel traffic per day = approximately 90,000