Austin Health has been one of our valued clients since 2011. We have a strong working relationship with them, providing facilities and asset maintenance services for their hospital facilities and equipment. We provide them with 24/7 service to ensure continuous operation of their vital assets.  

In 2019, we recognised an opportunity to optimise the way maintenance works were approved to deliver Austin Health both time and cost savings. 

Our team of talented and engaged people came up with the solution of automating the approval process so that we would have the authority to approve works on behalf of our client, within prescribed guidelines. 

Austin Health approved the proposal, which forecast a 10% improvement in cost savings, which could in turn be reinvested by the client. The new automated approval framework has been operating since July 2019 and has well exceeded the forecast savings for our client. 

This solution has improved our level of service excellence, by making the process more seamless for our client. 

It empowers Austin Health to get on with business, while we can get on with undertaking the works in a more timely and cost-effective way for them.