As Australia's network specialists, we were proud to be chosen as the key delivery partner on one of the largest infrastructure rollouts across Australia - the National Broadband Network (nbn). We are proud to play a vital role in the delivery of this essential infrastructure.

The nbn is an initiative of the Australian Federal Government to provide high-speed broadband access to Australian homes and businesses using a combination of fixed line connections (fibre to the premises, fibre to the node, fibre to curb, fibre to the basement or hybrid fibre coaxial), and fixed wireless and satellite technologies for remote areas.

We have built a reputation on our ability to deliver consistency in safety, quality and on time at a large scale across varied geographies. We are committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations for this multi-technology, nation building project.

End-to-end service

Few businesses are able to handle such a large scale project end-to-end but Ventia has the capacity, ability and expertise required to get the job done.

Through the nbn program of works, we're undertaking design, implementing works inside exchanges and linking to the backbone network from the street to the home.

Ventia's involvement in Australia's National Broadband Network, includes:

  • the Transit Network - installation and commissioning of exchange equipment forming the core infrastructure to connect fibre access nodes across Australia
  • multi-technology solutions including fibre to the node, fibre to the premises, fibre to curb and HFC connections to over 3.4 million premises across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania
  • new developments - designing and installing fibre optic cable for new development estates across Victoria, Queensland, NSW and Tasmania
  • network assurance and restoration, as well as moves, adds and changes and restoration activities
  • fibre links - building the essential links between exchanges across Australia
  • field services delivery - connecting homes to the network.

A trusted partner

With more than 20 years experience in the networks market and expertly skilled team, Ventia brings together a diverse range of capabilities and data from multiple sources without compromising integrity or reliability, to deliver whole-of-life solutions for the nbn.

Having built some of the largest fibre optic and mobile networks in Australia and New Zealand and having maintained both new and existing network access across the region, Ventia has the experience and expertise to deliver the comprehensive large scale multi-technology solutions the nbn needed.

Watch below to see how we used a drone to string broadband cable across the South Esk River in Tasmania