Australian Army personnel based in the Canberra region have been issued with a new Australian Multi Camouflage Uniform. Ventia provided the kitting to over 1,300 customers, which included around 41,000 individual uniform items. They were delivered on time and 40% under budget. 

As long-term suppliers of military clothing and kitting, it is not unusual for Ventia to fulfil large orders. However, the management and distribution of some new items came with specific challenges, including: 

  • a short delivery timeframe 
  • expensive warehousing options in Canberra 
  • the requirement for minimal disruption to defence personnel. 

To work around these issues, our team centralised the packing and consolidation of items in a warehouse at the Holsworthy Barracks, just south of Sydney.

This lower-cost alternative to commercial warehousing enabled more rapid assembly of items, which were subsequently shipped directly to the Australian Defence Force Academy clothing store in Canberra for distribution. 


On time, under budget, great service 

By using more intelligent logistics, the project came in 40% under budget, saving approximately $20,000 in warehousing costs.  

Our client was satisfied with the quality and service at the distribution centre. Colonel Phillip Hoglin, Acting Director General of the Defence People Group, commended the team, saying they were extremely pleasant, helpful and customer focused.