Commencing in 2014 through to 2019, Ventia delivered services to one of the largest oil and gas operators in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Located in Port Moresby and set on 17 hectares, the site consisted of a head office building, a range of security, warehouse and logistic buildings, modern sporting amenities and sports playing fields including a grassed sporting oval, tennis and undercover basketball court, and other recreational areas for nearby client residents to utilise. 

The self-sufficient hub supported the client to deliver on their liquefied natural gas activities in the region where our unique range of facilities management services supported their needs every step of the way.

Providing a broad range of services

We provided a range of administrative, operational and technical services to the site including: 

Administrative services: 

  • project management
  • contract administration
  • procurement
  • reception and mailroom

Operations, maintenance and support services for: 

  • electrical, power generation, security systems, telecommunications, lifts, fire systems, hydraulics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water and wastewater treatment, general building and handyman services
  • cleaning, grounds, waste management, pest control, fencing maintenance, creek clean-up and remediation. 


Reducing environmental impact

Port Moresby receives an average rainfall of 1200mm per annum, and with the flood prone Sangara Creek running through the client's facility, this provided a unique challenge for our team.

To avoid flooding at the facility, we implemented a system to close off the creek using heavy duty metal grills and automated sluice gates. The sluice gates were designed to open during heavy rain to the allow the creek to flow and minimise the volume of rubbish build up.

After every rainfall, our maintenance team would clear away accumulated waste and debris. During the wet season, our team could collect an estimated 400m³ of waste -  approximately 44 shipping containers full of waste that would otherwise have remained in the waterways and impact the ecosystem and downstream settlements and marine life.

Keeping the Sangara Creek clean from rubbish and debris, our team is brought significant benefits to the local community and helped to preserve local environmental conditions.

Creating opportunities for the community

In partnership with the client, we supported its established community relations programs by providing opportunities for local communities and business to join the workforce and deliver specialised services.

We employed 43 PNG Nationals from surrounding local communities and regularly invested in training and upskilling our workforce to provide them with further professional development and growth opportunities. By December 2017, our workforce had participated in more than 3,000 hours of professional development training.

As part of the project's three-year training program, the cleaning and ground maintenance teams received upskilling training from Australian specialists to learn how to apply typical cleaning/grounds maintenance standards and how to use a range of new equipment. 

Delivering new and innovative ways of working

In 2017, Ventia was commissioned by the client to improve the under-utilised on-site sports field. After no regular maintenance and long exposure to the harsh dry season, the field had become dusty and desolate. The team carried out an upgrade, involving trenching and underground pipework to install a fully automatic irrigation system with 60 pop-up sprinklers that connect to a recycled grey water system. 

The client, staff and surrounding community were pleased to see their local football teams - the PNG Hunters and the Kumuls train and compete in PNG's national rugby league competition on the renovated field.