As part of our Tank Inspection and Maintenance Contract with Yarra Valley Water, Ventia was engaged to refurbish the Ringwood Tank in outer Melbourne. This water tank is over 50-years old, and Ventia's role was to address exterior wear and tear and improve the aesthetics. 

Traditionally for a job like this, a scaffold and sand blasting method would be deployed. However, by utilising innovative technology, Ventia was able to do the job in a safer and more efficient manner while also reducing the impact to the local community. 

Magnetic robot crawler

Pictured: The remotely controlled magnetic robot crawler in action on the Ringwood tank. 

How we did it

To achieve this result, the team used a remotely controlled magnetic robot crawler, Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water, and vacuum trucks. Once the surface was prepared, our painting teams applied a new resilient coating system that will provide the tank with protection for many years to come.

Refurbishment works such as these are one of the ways that Ventia is ensuring essential infrastructure (like a water network) are working well for communities.

Watch the video below to find out more: