We value the strong working relationship we've established with Transpower over 25 years - providing engineering and capital works services.

In February 2018, they contracted us to project manage, and undertake all works on the Kinleith Redevelopment Project. This project was tasked with reconfiguring the Kinleith substation. This substation - located near the town of Tokoroa in the South Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand - supplies critical power to a local pulp and paper mill, dairy plant including the distribution network around Tokoroa. 

Our challenge was to oversee the upgrade, ensuring on time delivery, while working around several "locked in' scheduled power outages. We also had to maintain reliable and uninterrupted customer power supply while all key assets were being replaced. This required a large focus on the necessary upfront and ongoing planning to meet these challenges. 

The project also called for a cross-section of construction and commissioning skill sets, so we got to work on getting the right talented teams of qualified specialists in place fast, to get the work done.

The project was delivered lost-time injury free and with a low number of recordable medical treatment injuries. This is a credit to the team given the tight program and the various work front operating simultaneously.

Client outcomes

The project has met all its major milestones. It has generated 66,000 Ventia hours and 50,000 subcontractor hours, all with an impeccable safety record.

We have been a trusted partner to Transpower for more than two decades. Our team provide maintenance and project services to Transpower to support the delivery of electricity 24/7 New Zealand-wide through 11,238 route kilometres of high voltage transmission line, 60 route kilometres of underground and submarine transmission cable, 40,674 supporting towers and poles, 169 substations and 1,093 transformers.