Since the 1965 drilling of the first offshore well in Bass Strait to the modern coal seam gas boom in Queensland, Australia's oil and gas industry has provided an essential source of energy for our communities and delivered enormous benefits in the form of export earnings, domestic economic activity, employment and investment. It has also created and sustained a globally respected, innovative technology, services and manufacturing sector.

Australia's oil and gas service and supply companies have been at the forefront of the industry's efforts to deal with remoteness and inherent technical challenges and potential risks.*

Rig & Well Services is an example of an oil and gas services company overcoming some of the technical challenges and potential risks within the coal seam gas industry, by leading the development of innovative rig solutions that increase safety, productivity and operational sustainability.

Off the back of 20 new rigs over the past 12 years, Rig & Well Services has constructed three of Australia's newest well servicing rigs leveraging the company's in-field experience as a rig contractor and locally based engineering and workshop capabilities, to deliver three new and improved rigs specifically suited to CSG work scopes.

Rig & Well Services' General Manager Kyle Koziol said the company's new rigs - the Advantage Light Rig Extra or ALRx - are working well in the field. 

The rigs' enhanced hands-free operations and simplified rig up and rig down process make it safer for our rig crews, achieving one-year safe time days since start up.

The versatile design of the rigs has improved operational efficiency by more than 30%.

"The rigs are designed to move 365 days a year with no transport permits required. This reduces the time it takes for the rig to move between wells improving productivity for our customers." 

With three of these new rigs in the field, there are also shared learnings between the rigs that have seen consistent well delivery and operational improvements.

Our rig crews are learning from each other and sharing their experiences with the other crews to ensure we are continually improving our performance.

Ventia Rig & Well Services' rigs are Australian-made using local suppliers certified to Australian Standards to ensure the quality and durability of the rigs and equipment for tough Australian conditions.

"The building of the ALRx in Toowoomba provided local, regional suppliers the opportunity to be part of delivering Australia's newest well servicing rigs."

"Local suppliers benefited from Rig & Well Services' latest rig build project with more than 40 per cent of the project spend injected into the local economy."


*Australian Trade and Investment Commission