Encompassing 192km of Victoria's coastline, Mornington Peninsula Shire is home to over 180,000 residents and a popular holiday destination for millions of tourists each year. 

Ventia maintains the Shire's open spaces, parklands and buildings, preserving the unique landscape of the area for future generations.

We're proud to provide the services that keep infrastructure working for the local community and to deliver across three key service areas:

  • asset management
  • bushfire, tree and vegetation management
  • facilities management.

Our programs of work across the Shire require significant planning and, in some cases, community consultation. All of them harness the power of technology to achieve cost savings and sustainability successes for the Shire.


Managing the Shire's precious natural assets

To conserve precious water supplies, we have installed management sensors to monitor water usage. These have enabled the Shire to reduce water dependence in sports fields by 70% and potable water use by 95%.

To efficiently maintain more than 350km of roadside vegetation each year, we've developed innovative planning tools and audit regimes that account for average vegetation growth rates.

This has empowered the Shire to proactively manage regrowth, pre-empt any potential issues, identify and manage bushfire risk, and meet regulatory and statutory requirements. 


Enhanced service delivery for residents

We meticulously plan the delivery of services and use a tailored performance-reporting portal that provides the Shire with an accurate and timely picture of the status of works. 

Using this information, the Shire can give residents accurate answers to questions about the expected delivery time of services in their area. 


Making infrastructure work for our communities

Our team are proud support local business Funky Farm with the support of client Mornington Peninsula Shire by providing mulch and gum leaves for the sanctuary's use. 

As Funky Farm owner Chris Symons says, "who would have thought a gum leaf would make people so happy!". Watch our video below to learn more.