Providing O&M services for real-time 24/7 monitoring and accurate reliable data for bus operators and travelling public.

Sustainable transport solutions

Each day, millions of people use roads, freeways and tunnels across the country.

Ventia works with public and private sector operators to provide innovative and sustainable transport solutions. We deliver cutting-edge design, construction and operation of critical communication networks supported by intelligent transport systems (ITS) on road networks across the country. 

Ensuring reliable and responsive networks

The North-West Transitway (NWT) is a dedicated bus way connecting Rouse Hill with Blacktown and Parramatta. Built by Transport for NSW, it opened in 2007 with two bus lines providing services to thousands of commuters daily. 

Since 2007, Ventia has been providing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services on the entire NWT network to provide real-time 24/7 monitoring and accurate reliable data for the bus operators and travelling public.

The NWT network includes:

  • 21km of bus-only roads connecting to 3km of bus lanes on existing roads
  • 30 bus stations
  • 10 new bridges
  • two new underpasses
  • 20 km of off-road cycleway.


Our O&M services for the ITS and communications network infrastructure includes:

  • traffic enforcement cameras and associated loop and traffic detection equipment
  • passenger Information Displays (PIDs) showing real-time travel information for bus arrival and departure timings
  • detector loops for bus priority signalling via SCATS to improve bus travel experience
  • CCTV for security monitoring of bus station platforms and surrounding areas
  • help Phones for emergency assistance for passengers at every station platform
  • visual Impaired Devices to provide accessibility for visually impaired passengers
  • digital Voice Announcement equipment for arrival and departure information announcements on bus platforms
  • supporting ICT infrastructure including active equipment, fibre network, pits, roadside cabinets and conduits linked back to custom built node cabins
  • power systems and reticulation, including UPS
  • communications between station stops via a logical ring of ethernet switches to provide redundancy and maintain continuity of passenger information during device failures
  • as well as ITS devices, the NWT network includes traffic enforcement equipment to stop unauthorised access to the roadways by the general public.


A trusted partner

With more than two decades of industry experience, Ventia has designed and completed many of the country's largest communications networks across a wide range of fixed and wireless technologies.

We partner with you to deliver real measurable value while ensuring driver and employee safety and minimising impacts on local communities and the environment.

Our end-to-end project commitment to you is backed by industry leading project performance, robust project management, in-house technical capabilities and 24/7 real-time support. We also work seamlessly with our extensive sub-contractor network and a wide range of technology vendors and carriers to provide the best solution for you.

Project highlights

  • Built-in redundancy ensures continued information flow to operators and users 24/7, even during component failures.


Business benefits

  • Responsive and reliable O&M services to enable bus lines to operate as contracted and achieve Transport for NSW's commitment to the travelling public
  • Real-time, accurate information for operators and travelling public
  • Long-term O&M services ensure continuity and continuous improvement to deliver cost, time and availability efficiencies.
  • Long-term lifecycle management to ensure the handover of proven, operational assets and infrastructure at contract completion.