This project saw the roll out of telecommunications tower upgrades across Australia, to provide a rapid increase in 4G data networks for Optus customers.

Driving network efficiency across Australia

As reliance on technology expands exponentially, the demand for reliable, available and robust networks across retail, residential, corporate and government sectors can only increase.

We partner with carriers and vendors to deliver value, drive network efficiency and provide end-to-end solutions that ensure the supply from available networks meets voice and data demand.

The latest data services

The Optus Wireless Project (OWP) is a partnership rollout of telecommunications tower upgrades across the country, providing a rapid increase in 4G data services offered to Optus customers.

OWP is responsible for providing sustainable, quality upgrades to over 2,900 existing Optus mobile sites and leading the acquisition of 400 new sites across Australia, including Transmission link upgrades and RAN capacity works.

Ventia's dedicated OWP team has taken ownership of a large scope of works on the towers, including radio design, site acquisition, site design, construction, installation, commissioning and optimisation.

Together with Optus, Ventia is:

  • Delivering innovative design, construction and engineering techniques to improve on current tower structure
  • Leading the acquisition of sites in regional locations, improving user experience in what were previously coined 'black hole' areas
  • Utilising the most up-to-date, environmentally sustainable methods in the build process of towers.

The project's key aim is delivering a high quality, quickly executed internet experience to the Australian people. 

Ventia's long and successful partnership with Optus means that a high level of expertise from a long-standing design, construction and project management team have resulted in positive outcomes across the field. 

Some of the major key benefits to the tower upgrades include:

  • Drastic improvement in data service delivery in both regional and metropolitan Australian communities
  • Implementation of environmentally-sound methods of construction, tower maintenance and minimal impact on communities
  • Deploying skilled professionals into the field, contributing to quality output of product for long-term, sustainable data service and overall contribution to employment growth in the engineering sector.

A trusted partner

With more than 20 years experience in the networks market, Ventia has built some of the largest fibre optic and mobile networks in Australia and New Zealand and maintained both new and existing networks access across the region.

With an award winning safety record and expertly skilled teams, Ventia brings together a diverse range of technologies and data from multiple sources, to deliver whole-of-life solutions without compromising integrity and reliability. 

We have the experience and expertise to deliver comprehensive Carrier and ISP solutions to solve your toughest network challenges.