Next time you see a telecommunications crew installing your nbn upgrade or a new tower, spare a thought for the unseen people behind the scenes helping to make it all happen. 

These people that make up the broader Ventia Telecommunications team include designers, engineers and a growing team of spatial analysts - thanks to our ongoing partnership with Australian Spatial Analytics. 

Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) is a registered not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to training and employing remarkable young spatial analysts with autism, who bring their exceptional abilities to the field of data analytics.

The organisation's purpose centres on the societal need to digitise for diversity. Spatial analytics is a forward-looking industry, and it is ASA's goal that neurodiverse people be a part of the digital ecosystem. Importantly, the distinct cognitive talents of the neurodiverse people associated with ASA frequently allow them to excel as digital professionals.

Members of ASA team standing in front of wall with ASA logo

ASA is a registered not-for profit social enterprise dedicated to training and employing remarkable young spatial analysts with autism.

Partnering for success 

Since mid-2021, members of the ASA team have been working with our Queensland and Victorian Telecommunications project teams to undertake design work on the nbn project. The team started working on 'As Built Designs' which are the revised set of drawings that a subcontractor submits upon completion of a project factoring in all modifications and changes required during the build. The work has since grown to include more elements of the design process.

"With this, there is great alignment with our business in data analysis that suits the ASA team's areas of focus, and we are delighted to have commenced working with them on this project", said Matthew Swan who is the Senior Project Manager ODM in Queensland for Ventia. 

The ASA people are bring a great set of skills to our team and we've seen great benefits of having them embedded into our completions process. 

Members of the ASA team with Ventia employees at Ventia office in Brisbane

According to ASA General Manager Geoff Smith, engaging an organisation like theirs can be mutually beneficial. 

"The team are thoroughly enjoying the work and it will make an enormous difference to their lives," Geoff said,

"As competency and familiarity with the task increases ASA hopes to deepen our engagement with Ventia. This is an exemplar of how social procurement can add value for both the client and beneficiaries.

Thank you Ventia for your continued support. We look forward to what the future brings together!


An award-winning combination 

Our partnership with ASA was recognsied by Social Traders in the 2022 National Game Changer Awards for our commitment to social enterprise and social procurement. Named as the regional winner for Queensland and the Northern Territory our duo is now in the running for the national award, to be announced at the Social Enterprise World Forum in September 2022.

THE ASA team

The ASA team at the Social Traders in the 2022 National Game Changer Awards

We were also proud to be finalists in the 2022 ACOMM Award for Diversity and Inclusion. We're humbled to have been recognised alongside our peers for this prestigious award. 

Your support has enabled a live demonstration of how neurodiverse young people can add significant value to our communities and corporations. ASA is now a major source of inspiration to other community organisations on how partnering with corporate Australia and using unique talents of neurodiversity can lead to long term positive change for people in our communities who are overlooked and underserved.' - Australia Spatial Analytics chair Alex McDonald.

These awards are a great platform that we will willingly leverage in our efforts to share the ASA story. As the ASA team say, our world revolves around big data, and the neurodiverse team at ASA are uniquely able to interpret its complexity. We are so proud to be on the journey with them.


Watch our video below to learn more about ASA and our partnership.