We provided integrated FM services for CitiPower Powercor, owner and manager of electrical assets that distribute electricity to nearly 1.1 million homes and businesses across two thirds of Victoria, servicing a population of 1.96 million.

We were awarded the initial contract in 2012, which was renewed in 2016 and concluded in October 2018. Under the contract, we offered a scope of services across more than 145,800km2 of CitiPower Powercor's metropolitan and regional sites including: 

  • corporate CBD office;
  • 14 metropolitan and regional depots; 
  • 106 zone substations; and
  • grounds maintenance to multiple network sites throughout northern and western Victoria. 

The integrated hard and soft facilities services we provided included:

  • essential services and compliance management
  • project management and capital works
  • delivery of planned and corrective maintenance 
  • audit and compliance inspections
  • asset management services
  • security services
  • waste services
  • cleaning & grounds maintenance
  • 24/7 help desk services.

Delivering new and innovative ways of working

To assist CitiPower Powercor, we participated in a great initiative to reduce graffiti on electricity exchanges and buildings throughout Melbourne. Coupled with ongoing graffiti removal works, our team also assisted Citipower Powercor to identify graffiti hotspots. 

CitiPower Powercor engaged local street artists to paint murals and other graffiti 'masterpieces' on the targeted exchange walls resulting in more appealling pieces of art to significantly reduce the chance of future illegal graffiti tagging occurring in those locations.

Six of Australia's leading street artists were engaged to help tackle Melbourne's  graffiti tagging issue, involving one of the city's largest electrical substations. It was the largest street art project ever undertaken and has transformed a graffiti-laden zone substation into a beautiful piece of Melbourne's city environment. 

Safety and health in a high-risk environment

At Ventia, we place safety and health above all else. We care about our people and the communities in which we work, because nothing is more important than keeping them safe. 

On our CitiPower Powercor contract, we delivered hard and soft FM services to properties with high-voltage electrical supply apparatus. Safety is paramount, so we make sure our people have the required skills and training qualifications necessary to enter high-voltage enclosures. A reflection of this commitment to safety at work was our 2017 total recordable injury free rate (TRIFR) of zero.

In addition to regular engagement with our team through safety meetings, audits, emergency preparedness briefings and conversations, we also support local initiatives to help spread the safety message. In 2017, we supported WorkSafe Victoria's 'Jobs at Home Day'.