We proudly contribute to Defence capability through the delivery of services and the management, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment on the Defence estate.

Services are delivered directly to ADF customers at over 230 major and remote Army, Navy and Air Force sites across Australia on behalf of the Department of Defence.

Our teams are highly experienced and skilled in the Defence environment with many joining us after completing their military service.

Key statistics:

  • Perform in excess of one million work hours annually
  • Operate and maintain Australia's largest private firefighting service
  • Manage Defence warehouses, handling 4.5 million stock lines across 80 sites
  • Provide more than 4 million meals on Defence bases annually
  • Establish and manage a multi-cultural camp site with 4,000 workers, mobilising project employees from 22 different countries
  • Support large military exercises, such as Exercise Talisman Sabre involving over 30,000 Australian and US Defence personnel, with catering, cleaning, accommodation, maintenance, stores, logistics, land and range management services
  • Support short notice operational deployments and response to civil emergencies such as cyclones, bush fires and floods
  • Provide mobile support nationwide to Australia's Defence road vehicles 24 hours x 7 days which responds to more than 2,000 jobs annually with a 99.98 per cent satisfaction rate
  • Service, repair and modify equipment including machine guns, rifles, pistols and night vision headsets
  • Conduct abrasive blasting, paint application, environmental monitoring and containment of hazardous substances, confined space work, testing of substrates and paint films for Naval submarines and ships
  • Dedicate more than 600 people to these works and frequently improve our services, delivering 900,000 operational hours annually

Did you know?

Ventia has partnered with Defence since 1989, when we commenced the Anzac ship project. The contract saw us build eight frigates for the Royal Australian Navy and two for the Royal New Zealand Navy.

It was the largest private contract in Australia's history and employed 10,300 people in Australia and 1,300 in New Zealand.The first frigate, the HMAS Anzac, was launched in September 1994.