The Remote Electronic Verification System (REVS) was designed and constructed by Ventia, in partnership with our client Goulburn-Murray Water, to verify the accuracy of flow meters.

Used by irrigation and water authority clients to conduct flow comparisons, REVS is an in-situ mobile hydraulic laboratory system that can be deployed in the field to test meter accuracy over various flow ranges.

This innovative system avoids the need to send flow meters to a lab for costly verification and provides confidence in the accuracy of the meter up to 17 mega litres per day in the field.

Goulburn-Murray Water has engaged Ventia to undertake field verifications of meters including Dethridge Meters, Electromagnetic Flow Meters, FlumeGatesâ„¢ and Ultrasonic Meters.

The measurement system has achieved accuracy and repeatability on every occasion to the Australian Standard AS4747.

We're proud to be associated with a project that has helped to shape Goulburn-Murray Water's meter replacement strategies.